Gabor Bella

…social icons… I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Télécom Bretagne, France, and am currently a postdoc researcher in the KnowDive group.I am interested in a wide range of problems related to multilinguality in computer systems. More in particular, my current research concerns multilingual and domain-aware approaches to solving problems of semantic interoperability.In the […]

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Ronald Chenu-Abente

Ronald Chenu-Abente is a post-doc researcher at the University of Trento and he is currently the project manager of the H2020 innovation project WhiteRabbit. During his nineteen years of experience in the ICT sector, he has been managing various software-oriented R&D projects, mostly related to knowledge management technologies, semantic web, and multimedia systems. He has

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A Little Talk on Label Noise

Recently, we are doing research on personal context recognition with sensor data collected from the user’s mobile devices. We investigate other context recognition solutions and find that supervised machine learning is applied in many solutions. These supervised learning solutions have implicit assumption that annotators are experts and they would provide perfectly labeled training data, which


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Software Testing

Software Testing Some say it takes much to come up with a good software product while others say it’s just a walk over; all in all, these opinions vary from one software developer to another, the time available and the goal for which the software is being built. Putting these factors a side, there are


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