The KnowDive Group, where KnowDive stands for Knowledge Diversity, was founded in 2006 by its director Prof. Fausto Giunchiglia. Since its foundation, the group has produced high-level – internationally recognized  – theoretical and applied  –  research results in Artificial Intelligence, with a particular interest on the interdisciplinary aspects of this research, and a focus on Library Science, Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology.

The knowdive group

The research carried on in the KnowDive Group is currently organized in four main scientific areas, each of them capturing specific aspects of Artificial and Natural Intelligence:

  • Architectures and platforms for AI LAB. The area leader is Fausto Giunchiglia. This research includes topics in evolving adaptive knowledge graphs and neuromorphic architectures, with connections with the fields of psychology, cognitive science and neuroscience.
  • Language LAB. The area leader is Gabor Bella. This research includes topics in diversity-aware language models, multi-lingual lexical resources and multi-lingual Natural Language processing, with connections with the fields of historical and comparative linguistics.
  • Knowledge LAB. The area leader is Mattia Fumagalli. The research includes topics in Computational theories of meaning, diversity-aware knowledge models (teleologies) and evolving adaptive knowledge models, with connections with the fields of philosophy of language and teleosemantics.
  • Socially and Perception-aware Knowledge LAB. The area leader is Ronald Chenu Abente. This research includes topics in knowledge-aware interpretation of sensor streams, knowledge-aware egocentric computer vision, personal data management, social relations, privacy vs. transparency in social relations, with connections with the fields of sociology and social psychology.

The work developed by the Knowdive Group has produced various platforms, many of which have been made available open source.

The Knowdive Group currently manages the EC FET Project WeNet project, the national project Delphi and is/was involved in various other international projects in cooperation with a large number of academic and industry partners. The Knowdive group is also the initiator and coordinator of the DataScientia initiative. The central aim of these activities is the application, validation and exploitation of the results produced by research in high value, high impact projects aimed at the solution of real world problems. The ultimate goal is to provide a contribution towards a more ethical, more inclusive, more diversity-aware society, enabling a better quality of life for everybody.