Knowledge Representation Videos

Yamini Chandrashekar – LiveLanguage – Catalogue and Services (34:05)
An introduciton to LiveLanguage project,comprising the catalogue for the datasets developed using our lexcial resource UKC and the other services for further using and developing these datatsets. The idea is to present the initial plans and the updates on the project.

Mayukh Bagchi – Representation Heterogeneity
The First International Workshop on Formal Models of Knowledge Diversity (FMKD), Joint Ontology WOrkshops (JOWO) (29:34)
(About FMKD)

Daqian Shi – Property-based Entity Type Graph Matching
OM-2021 (13:50)
This work [1] was published at The Sixteenth International Workshop on Ontology Matching. (About OM-2021)
[1] Giunchiglia, F. and Shi, D., 2021. Property-based Entity Type Graph Matching. arXiv preprint arXiv:2109.09140

Fausto Giunchiglia – Stratified Data Integration
SemTech2020 (51:07)
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Simone Bocca – iTelos
KnowDive Seminars (1:13:58)
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Mattia Fumagalli – Entity Type Recognition — dealing with the Diversity of Knowledge
KR 2020 (15:17)
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