Ronald Chenu-Abente

Ronald Chenu-Abente is a post-doc researcher at the University of Trento and he is currently the project manager of the H2020 innovation project WhiteRabbit. During his nineteen years of experience in the ICT sector, he has been managing various software-oriented R&D projects, mostly related to knowledge management technologies, semantic web, and multimedia systems. He has also worked in a number of successful cooperative European research projects (including FP7 LiquidPub, FP7 Glocal and FP7 Cubrik) and was the Project Manager for FP7 Smartsociety. He is currently applying his experience in social media platforms and privacy-enhancing technologies to create models and design architectures capable of implementing Hybrid Diversity-Aware Collective Adaptive Systems (HDA-CAS) solutions for concrete use cases found in modern technology-enabled.Currently working in the Knowdive group as project manager and development lead, he is in charge of the tools and methodologies used within the group and its one of the main persons in charge of the maintenance and development of the Witmee platform (a semantic data storage solution aimed towards privacy-enhanced data integration).His strong points include software specification and development, team management and he is also a hobbyist writer and game developer.