How to do research

Introduction to the course
Research Methodology Practice (20:59)
The KnowDive starts a new course, Research Methodology Practice, given by Prof. Fausto Giunchiglia. The first lecture introduced the course organization and the “WHAT, HOW, and WHY” in research.
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Computer Vision

Xiutiao Ye – A brief introduction of the paper: “From ImageNet to Image Classification: Contextualizing Progress on Benchmarks”
KnowDive Seminars (1:02:46)
26/01/2022 Find the paper

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Computational Linguistics

Nandu Chandran Nair – IndoUKC: a Concept-Centered Indian Multilingual Lexical Resource
The presentation was given by Nandu Chandrannair at the LREC 2022 conference(16:27)

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Human Machine Symbiosis

Andrea Bontempelli – Interactive Label Cleaning with Example-based Explanations
Machine Learning Group Journal club (56:57)
Structured Machine Learning Group Journal club. | Slides
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Knowledge Representation

Mayukh Bagchi – Representation Heterogeneity
The First International Workshop on Formal Models of Knowledge Diversity (FMKD), Joint Ontology WOrkshops (JOWO) (29:34)
(About FMKD)
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AI for Healthcare

Gábor Bella-Sharing health data for research: Technical perspective
InteropEHRate Final Conference (14:48)
28/09/2022 Venue:Université de Liège
In the context of the InteropEHRate project, the presentation provided the description of a novel data sharing protocol focused on health data for research purposes. The presentation gives an overview of the whole protocol steps, and it explains how it is supported by a dedicated technological infrastructure. In the end the presentation reports how the Research Data Sharing protocol has been concretely implemented during the InteropEHRate project’s pilots.
About InteropEHRate
Check more IEHR information on Knowdive website
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Fausto Giunchiglia – Internet of us
Wenet Project (1:32)
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Other topics

Fausto Giunchiglia – Diversity, Bias, Online social relations and related issues
2021 Web Conference (WWW2021) (1:00:45)
About The Web Conference 2021

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