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Velu Kumaravel – Adaptable and Robust EEG Bad Channel Detection using Local Outlier Factor (LOF) (29:29)
Electroencephalogram (EEG) data from the scalp is often contaminated with non-neural artifacts. Bad channel/electrode detection is one of the preliminary steps in cleaning the data. The definition of artifacts differs according to the EEG acquisition settings (i.e., experimental paradigm, population under study, etc.). Recently, we introduced a robust measure based on LOF that handles such inherent differences in the EEG, providing a versatile solution to this problem. In this talk, I will discuss the algorithm and its performance compared to the existing bad channel detection features upon validation in real EEG acquired from newborns, infants, and adults.

Fausto Giunchiglia – Diversity, Bias, Online social relations and related issues
2021 Web Conference (WWW2021) (1:00:45)
About The Web Conference 2021

Fausto Giunchiglia – Diversity, Bias and Related Issues
CyCAT Winter School (30:30)
Introduction of this CyCAT Winter School

Tsvi Kuflik, Fausto Giunchiglia, Michael Rovatsos – Introduction to the CyCat project
CyCAT H2020 Project (2:11)
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