Simone Bocca

Actually I have a research fellowship as a developer at University of Trento.
I started my studies in computer science in the high school at Institute Piero Calamandrei,

Santhià (VC). After i achieved the master degree in computer science with full marks, with the specialization in network and system, at Department of computer science of University of Turin. During the university i have collaborated in a research project for the optimization of the real time management of the ambulances, described in the paper: A SIMULATION AND ONLINE OPTIMIZATION APPROACH FOR THE REAL-TIME MANAGEMENT OF AMBULANCES. My research interests are in Network Analysis and Machine learning, and actually i’m focusing on the management of Knowledge base. Moreover i’m collaborating in european projects.

I always like to learn new methods and solutions to solve problems, and to improve my skills. During my free time i love travel, climb and hike.