Erdenebileg Byambadorj

Erdenebileg Byambadorj is currently a student in M.Sc. Data Science, following Curriculum A, at University of Trento and is expected to join the team as a PhD student, given certain conditions that will have been met in the near future. His undergraduate degree was concerned with Software Engineering and completed at National University of Mongolia.
Started with the construction of a software system dedicated to crowdsourcing the linguistic elements, his career became marked with an element of the knowledge representation. At the moment, he is engaged in developing a methodology, as his master’s thesis, concerning the evolution of knowledge graph implemented through the SWEB architecture, with intent to build the Knowledge Hub system ever-growing, regardless of structural complexities of incoming Knowledge and Data.
Although he, like a classic statistician, loves to draw inferences on a minuscule amount of data, he understands the “garbage in garbage out“ issue and acknowledges a great deal of potential underlying the Knowledge Graph-based Data Integration characterized by consistency, validity, and many other qualities helping to render data sets top-notch resources.