Alessio Zamboni


Alessio Zamboni is currently an associate researcher and senior software engineer at University of Trento where also was awarded with a MSc in Computer Science. He started his career at the age of 17 as full-stack developer already during the high school, collaborating with private and public companies for building business process management tools and design integrated systems. He was junior researcher in Fondazione Bruno Kessler where worked on geographical information and expert systems. Has been tutor and expert for EU financed initiatives in technical high schools and was also exchange student in Zhejiang University and Jilin University for which he will work also as researcher later on. In 2016 joined KnowDive research group in the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science focusing first on NLP and later on Knowledge management and DevOps.

When at work he loves to find elegant and efficient solutions to problems and later write concise and minimal code to implement them (hopefully in python) while in the free time he loves to cook, hike and travel.